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Date Work Description Contract Value Rs. in Million BSCPL Participation(%)
26/02/2019 Construction of access controlled Nagpur - Mumbai super communication expressway (Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg) in the state of Maharashtra on EPC mode for package 13, from KM. 577.739 to KM. 623.379 in (section - village Sonari to village Taranganpada) in district Nashik 19905.30 51%
31/08/2018 Construction of New Embankment Kuttighat-Bagdov Mahananda Left Embankment (46.02 KM), Nagar Right Embankment (20.10 KM), Kuttighat-Jhawa Manahanda Right Embankment (66.23 KM), Ratwa Left Embankment (32.92 KM) & Ratwa Right Embankment (33.10 KM) with 10 (Ten) Nos. A.F.S. & Brick on Edge Soling Over the Top of the Embankment under Mahananda Flood Management Scheme Phase-II 4367.10 100%
29/08/2018 Proposed New BG line between Kotipalli - Narsapur stations - Construction of Important Bridges Across River Vynatheya of 20 x 76.20 m clear span with Steel Through Girders and Vasishta of 17 x 76.20 m clear span with Steel Through Girders sub-structure on Double 'D' Well foundations and execution of protective and miscellaneous works (excluding execution of super-structure as Steel Through Girders) 3202.40 51%
04/07/2018 Provision of doubling of track between Vanchi Maniyanchchi and Nagercoil (Via Tirunelveli - Construction of Major bridges, Precast RCC box, Mechanical facilities and General Electrification works in Madurai & Thiruvananthapuram divions of Southern Railway 2169.90 50%
03/06/2018 Development of Infrastructure like laying Roads, Water supply & Sewer lines, Construction of Septic tank and Storm Water Drains in the Residential layout at Koheda (V), Hayathnagar(M), R.R. Dist 297.80 100%
21/03/2018 Raising and strengthening of Bagmati right embankment from k.m. 123.52 to k.m. 165.52 (hayaghat- karachin embankment from k.m. 0.00 to k.m. 42.00) and from k.m. 198.52 to k.m. 264.02 (k.b. embankment from 0.00 k.m. to 47.50 k.m. and b.n. embankment from 0.00 k.m. to 18.00 k.m.) and construction of dhala- 98 nos., turning plateform 107 nos. and anti flood sluice 17 nos. under Bagmati flood management scheme phase-iii(a) 6006.50 100%
13/03/2018 Widening and strengthening of Samarlakota – Rajanagaram road (sh148) to divided four lane from km 26.400 to km 56.400 in East Godavari district 2929.00 25%
15/02/2018 Construction of new embankment (left embankment 17 k.m. & right embankment 15 km) on river rato from no mans land to nisha road 553.10 100%
29/01/2018 Rehabilitation and up-gradation of Repalle to Eeppurpalem section from Km 129/927 to Km 195/000 of NH-214A (New NH-216) to two lanes with paved shoulder in the state of Andhra Pradesh under NHDP –IV through Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) basis 3867.90 100%
06/12/2017 Infrastructure development works (Phase I) at AMTZ, Visakhapatnam 3566.30 49%
20/11/2017 Proposed flyovers / under passes at intersectionsconstruction of multi level flyovers/grade separatorsat 4 junctions LB Nagar & surrounding junctions” in Hyderabad under epc –turnkey 3049.00 100%
08/11/2017 Proposed New BG line between Kotipalli - Narsapur stations - Construction of Important Bridge Across River Gowthami with RCC column sub-structure on Double 'D' Well foundations and execution of protective and miscellaneous works (Excluding execution of super-structure as 44x76.20m clear span with Steel Through Girders) 3468.80 51%
08/11/2017 Construction of Flyover between Balanagar X Road to Narasapaur X Road ,Hyderabad under EPS basis 686.70 100%
18/08/2017 Construction of multilevel / grade separators at two junctions namely Owaisi hospital junction and Bahdurpura junction in Hyderabad under engineering procurement and construction (epc)-turnkey 810.90 100%
22/06/2017 Improvements, Formation & Metalling of Roads, Contruction of RCC Drains, Culverts & SW Drains in 13 Villages of Arkavathi Layout 2341.70 100%
14/06/2017 Four laning of Bakhtiyarpur – Mokama Section of NH-31 from km 153.300 to km 197.900 (Design Chainage) and (Existing Chainage km 153.300 to km 204.741 of NH – 31) in the State of Bihar on EPC Mode 8370.90 100%
01/04/2017 Resurfacing of runway and aircraft operating areas at AF stn Chandigarh 4339.20 100%
24/03/2017 Construction of N4 Road near Venkatapalem to Navuluru (Southern Boundary) Length 7.17Km and Construction N14 Road near Borupalem to Sakhamuru (Southern Boundary) Length 8.27 Km in AP New Capital, Amaravati 2662.50 100%
24/03/2017 Construction of E10 Road near Penumka to Inavolu (Western Boundary) (length of 7.814 Km), Construction of E14 Road near Mangalagiri to Neerukonda (Western Boundary) (length of 7.36 Km), and Construction of N16 Road Abbarajupalem to Nekkellu (Southern Boundary) (length of 8.776 Km) in AP New Capital City, Amaravati 3379.80 100%
15/03/2017 Four Laning of Hubli-Hospet section of NH-63 from Km.129.249 (Design Ch.129+249) to Km.267.000 (Design Ch.272+539) (143.29 total length) in the State of Karnataka under NHDP Phase-IV-B 13347.00 50%

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