The company has entered into the irrigation segment with a view to building up its experience and bid capacity for the imminent Interlinking of rivers. The preliminary estimated cost of this gigantic endeavour is Rs. 20 lakh crores or Rs. 20 trillion. To complete the mammoth task, it is expected that the government would have to spend at least Rs. one lakh crores or a trillion rupees every year, which will have to continue for at least twenty years. The Polavaram rock fill dam project will form the basis of this foray into this segment. The main focus of BSCPL is on Road Projects, with Irrigation Projects being the ancillary activity. Real Estate development activities will also be undertaken on a case by case basis after careful evaluation of prospects. The company is planning to raise resources from the capital market at an appropriate time to meet its increased capital requirement for BOT, real estate and hydro power projects.
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