Board of Directors

The company is run by a competent team of people with noteworthy career graphs behind them. These men have been the strengths of BSCPL and have successfully steered the company to a Multi-crore company with bright prospects in future.

Mr. B. Krishnaiah

Mr. Bollineni Krishnaiah, the Chairman,is a visionary leader renowned for his dynamic influence in business and philanthropy. With a background in Civil and Hydraulics Engineering (BE and ME), he has steered the Company's journey, shaping infrastructure across India and globally, while fostering urban complexes in real estate. His impact transcends finances; he drives positive change through initiatives like the Bollineni Krishnaiah Charitable Trust, advancing education, healthcare, and cultural preservation. Co-founding KIMS Hospitals and establishing educational institutions, he embodies transformative leadership, merging business acumen with sincere care. His legacy encompasses roles as Contractor, Entrepreneur, Social Worker, Philanthropist, Preacher, and Visionary, further magnified by his impactful tenure as an Ex-MLA, commanding respect beyond political boundaries. Notably, he is also the President of Andhra Nataka Parishat, further reflecting his dedication to cultural advancement. In essence, his life epitomizes multidimensional impact, leaving an indelible legacy of progress and compassion.

Mr. B. Seenaiah

Mr. Bollineni Seenaiah, the Managing Director, holds a Post Graduate degree in Agricultural Sciences. His initial venture into road construction with his Elder Brother, Mr. Krishnaiah, ignited a lasting interest in construction and technology. He extensively studied global highway projects, mechanized quarrying, and advanced road construction equipment, showcasing his dedication to innovation. He strongly believes in societal service and aims to expand educational efforts, like Ambitus World School, to nurture upcoming leaders. His accomplishments are wide-ranging, encompassing the building of iconic structures such as the Afghan Parliament Complex and the Indian Chancery Complex in Kabul, Afghanistan. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to the fields of irrigation, real estate and hydropower. As head of industry groups such as the Builders Association of India, AP Biomass Power Developer Association and National Highway Builders Federation, he embodies determination, commitment, and passion. His continual objective is to promote ethical corporate practices, offer crucial services, and empower future generations through education.

Mrs. D. Anitha

Mrs. Dandamudi Anitha, a Non-Executive Director of the Company, mirrors her accomplishments at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS Hospitals), contributing to the organizational framework of both entities alongside their founders. Her journey exemplifies universal leadership as women excel across fields. Entrusted with enhancing overall performance, she strategically establishes and attains short-term objectives, propelling the company's advancement. She ensures flawless operational standards throughout the organization, achieving global benchmarks. Holding an MBA in Finance from ICFAI, She spearheads pivotal areas including group performance, risk management, compliance, and safety. Her unwavering guidance propels the Company in the dynamic realm of Infrastructure and Real Estate, solidifying its position.

Mr. K. Thanu Pillai

Mr. K. Thanu Pillai, a Non-Executive Director of the Company, an esteemed Director who has been pivotal in driving our company's exceptional growth. With a distinguished four-decade career in the dynamic realm of banking, his journey reflects unparalleled achievements. Formerly the Managing Director of the renowned State Bank of Hyderabad, his contributions have made an indelible mark on the financial landscape, elevating institutions and shaping the industry. Transitioning seamlessly from this legacy to his role as Director highlights his adaptability. As our company's journey unfolds, his continued association serves as a testament to his enduring impact and invaluable guidance, exemplifying visionary leadership.

Mr. R. Balakrishnan

Mr. R. Balakrishnan, an Independent Director, concluded his tenure as the Executive Director of Andhra Bank. With a distinguished banking career, he held significant leadership positions in various banks. Following his retirement, he played a crucial role in establishing the foreign currency derivatives exchanges and delivering financial advisory services on a global scale. Presently, he undertakes the responsibility of a Chief Financial Officer at a Private Sector Company, simultaneously offering specialized guidance in financial matters and risk management.

Mr. D. Balarama Krishna

Mr. Balarama Krishna Desina, an Independent Director, and accomplished Company Secretary, holds the esteemed position of Fellow Member at the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, New Delhi. He has also served as an empanelled Peer Reviewer with ICSI. He leads the dynamic Balaramakrishna & Associates, a rapidly growing Company Secretary Firm based in Hyderabad. He is also the visionary Founder and Managing Partner of BK Corporate Consultants LLP, providing comprehensive consultancy to diverse Body Corporates. Armed with advanced degrees in Business Administration, Human Resource Management, and Law, He brings over ten years of corporate expertise, specializing in Company Law, Secretarial & NBFC Compliances. He excels as a Secretarial Auditor for both listed and unlisted public Companies, showcasing his profound knowledge. Furthermore, he passionately imparts wisdom to professional students through teaching and seminars.
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